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The Badger Cafe and Pub

I was in a desperate need to get out of work and have a good meal with some good people. I got ahold of my friend and invited her and her daughters out to have dinner with me. We needed some where close to Rockport, but somewhere even closer to Appleton and Washington was ideal.

That place was the Badger Cafe and Pub in Union. Now for a little history, I myself use to work in that building when it was Hannibal’s Cafe. I had moved away and there for my employment at Hannibal’s had stopped. While I was gone, Hannibal sold it to the now owners of the Badger. Therefore I had not been to the Badger Cafe and Pub since moving back.

I had heard good things about it from one of their most frequent costumers, JJ Hawes. He eats there every Wednesday night, due to the trivia night that they host. He and the other locals of Union compete in teams for the title of trivia champion.

We went on a thursday night, and I invited JJ Hawes to dine with us, and I help navigate the menu. I felt the need to have a navigator because there was quite the selection of foods, from fish sandwiches to burgers! I myself went for a Badger Burger, no not made from badger, but rather instead local beef. I added the side of coleslaw to the plate with the sweet potato fries.

Man did that meal hit the spot! Cooked just like I liked it so that the juices drip all over the plate, rather then the typical grease drippings that some other types of places have. The sweet potato fries were delicious, and that coleslaw! It was made so that you could taste the cabbage, rather then the mayonnaise, it was crisp and helped balance the meal.

My youngest companions for this trip had a hard time deciding between mac n’cheese and chicken tenders. They got a plate of each and tried to share it. wd my cloud . But as sisters are sharing was not easy. find domain name owner There were some raised voices from them, but the other people did not seem to notice or if they did they where extremely polite and let us carry on. There was an incident of the older of the two girls not wanting to finish her chicken and there for bribery of a pickle was the tactic of choice.

The Badger Pub and Cafe has a local feel of causal dinning, welcoming environment where you know everyone there after you have been there once or twice. Ok I must admit, I went the next week with a another set of comrades. The second time I tried the buttermilk chicken tenders, my author friend ordered the loaded fries, and Lee ordered the quesadilla, all really good foods.

This place is good local feel and foods. Next time you are in the area of Union on a Wednesday night stop in for a Sakatchewan cider or select from one of their 50 different types of specialty beers on tap and bottled, and see if you can dethrone JJ Hawes and the other locals at trivia!

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