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Grampa’s Garden

This is a little out of the immediate central locations, but this company is definitely worth writing about. Located in Topsham Maine, sits the outlet store where they hand craft and package all their therapeutic products. They make/carry everything from heat-able therapy packs for sore muscles and joints, to somber gels, even weighted blankets for children on the Autistic spectrum.
I would literally have died if it had not been for their breathe ez oil. I have the worst allergies in the world and that product is one of the only ones that has actually helped me be able to breathe at night. It helps to relieve the congestion and relaxes me enough to be able to sleep. At the time I was having a hard time breathing due to recovering from several head colds and a combination of allergies. All I had to do was use the oil on my face and chest, and TADA I could breath. Even just a little bit better was a major improvement on the suffering I was enduring. I also found that it really worked wonders when used in the bath water, the steam and the oils opens the sinuses right up.
Ingredients: Sweet almond, apricot kernel, jojoba and sunflower oils, grapefruit, eucalyptus, frankincense, myrrh, and ravensara.
I include the ingredients because I was raving about this product to my friend Kelly (from the Silver Street Tavern article) who pointed out that she can not use this product do to a nut allergy. With any recommendation I would encourage readers to investigate for themselves, do the research on products, and find out what works for them.
The hot and cold therapy pacs, on the other hand, are fantastic! Now I know that there are a lot of DIY’ers out there, I myself am one of them, but these heat packs are so well designed that they converted me! They have mastered the art of heat pacs. The body shawl is the best heat pack, only because I do not own the heat-able body blanket yet, because it covers my entire back! I have sustained several spinal injuries over the course of my life, and heat pacs are essential to relief. Grampa’s Garden carries both scented and non-scented non-scented products.
A little story about the scented DIY packs vs the Grampa’s Garden Thera Pac; My niece HATED the smell of my brother’s home made heat pack, scented with just lavender (which is unfortunate, because lavender is wonderful). One day he was using it while he relaxed on the couch, and next to him was her baby doll and blanky. “DADDY!!! What do you think you are doing?!?! You are stinking up my baby and her blanky!!!” and with that she yanked the baby doll and the blanket away from my brother and his ‘stinking heat pack’. Upon gifting his family with the Grampa’s Garden Thera Pac, my sister-in-law told me this story, then asked my niece to smell the Grampa’s Garden one. My niece LOVED it! So luckily for her and my brother they have a hot pack both of them can enjoy, but not so luckily for the sweet person that was thoughtful enough to make him his original heat pack. Maybe he can use both heat packs when she is not around?

Outlet Store Located at: 62 Park Drive, Topsham, ME 04086

Phone: Call us between 9am and 4pm EST Monday through Friday toll free 1-877-373-4328 or 1-207-373-0770

Check out their website:

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