Tried and True

Published on January 14th, 2015 | by Central Maine


Jin Yuan, J&Y Chinese Restaurant

Jin Yuan is the best place in the city of Waterville, for delivered chinese food. This is one of our favorite places to order from for dependable, reasonably priced, good portion sizes and quick service. We often get delivery when we have company, or we are working late at night. That is why I am writing about the delivery service rather then their in-house service. We have eaten dinner at their Temple Street locationĀ a few times, and it has always been a pleasant experience. For this tried and true article we are going to stick with the delivery.

Lee likes to get the hot and sour soup, especially when he is feeling under the weather. It helps to clear up the nasal passages. Lee also raves about their Peking Ravioli (pan fried or steamed). This time he tried their Szechuan Dumplings (spicy sauce version of the normal ravioli/dumplings)


I love their orange chicken. They have an all day combo, which comes with two sides. I really enjoy their crab rangoon, and either the pork ribs or the beef teriyaki for my other sides. I also really like their beef and broccoli. There is plenty of options on the menu to mix it up.


What makes them dependable, is that we know what to expect from them when we order and its never over priced. I do not think we have ever spent over $30 for a meal, even with a few (3-4) people ordering. The portions are enough for two helpings. Their delivery times are usually under 30 mins for Waterville, and the will tell us up front if it will take longer. Its not always that the food at a place is so far and beyond awesome, sometimes its just that is good, simple, and reliable.

Find them at: 41 Temple St. Waterville ME, 04901

Phone: 207-861-4433/4488

Hours: 11am-9:30pm Sun-Thurs and 11am-11pm Fri&Sat

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