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Published on July 24th, 2014 | by Central Maine


Mirakuya Japanese Restaurant

Mirakuya has become one of my favorite go-to’s for lunch! They have half priced sushi 11am-3pm Monday through Thursday. I am telling you, their selection of hand rolls is unbelievable! I have tried many of their specialty rolls and I have yet to find one that I did not enjoy. On the top of my list is the spider roll, dinosaur roll, and the dragon roll.

What makes this place enjoyable? Its clean, open, and tranquil when you walk in. Right in the lobby they have a waterfall with color changing lights that sets the mood for your experience. The color scheme is well balanced and helps to set the lighting, where you can see your food and companions but not feel blinded with light. Then we move on the food selection! As mentioned before their sushi is incredible, but what also attributes to the selection is the presentation and the fact that its made to order.

Mirakuya Sushi Rolls

The sushi rolls are presented on clean, square, often white (sometimes on a longer transparent colored plate), with the ginger and wasabi garnish.

From there we move on to the hibachi! I had never had hibachi before and was able to get a large group together for my birthday. I have never had so much fun at a restaurant, nor have I ever had such amazing fried rice! All the food was delicious, but that fried rice was beyond memorable. I ordered the steak, and Lee ordered the salmon and chicken, all of which were super tasty. I had two friends come with us who had never had Japanese food and they were really impressed and had a great time, while the other guest had previously experienced hibachi before, they still enjoyed our evening.

The hibachi chef was talented and loved to tease the four year old with us. Little Vivian was not entirely sure what to make of the hibachi. When she got use to the lemon aid squirting he mixed it up with a little bit of a trick, and she lost his trust a bit, but still seemed to have a good time.


They also have cocktails, and sake. I have not partaken in their cocktails yet, but the sake is good!

They also deliver in Waterville!

This place is fun, that is the simplest way to explain it, good food and fun.

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