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The Red Barn

Lobster rollI had noticed through facebook that a lot of people where talking about this [the] Red Barn place. There was something going around facebook about 14,000 likes on the page, so lets say it peeked my interest. Then Lee said that it was an awesome place and we should take his family out this weekend. I had mentioned it to a few other people and the response was always the same, “I love that place!!!“. Just as quickly as I heard about we found ourselves there for lunch.

The company on this trip was Lenna, Aunt Bev, and of course Lee. We decided to treat these lovely ladies out for a nice lunch. When we pulled up to the building the place screamed, fun, friendly, and good food, before we even got inside. The lady that took our order was extremely pleasant and good natured, with an awesome tye dyed tee shirt with a Red Barn logo.

Lee ordered a chicken basket, Aunt Bev the haddock basket, and Lenna opted for the Scallop basket. It was recommend that I try their lobster roll, and I love lobster so of course I tried it. Now, I am from Maine, more specifically from the coast; I have an extensive knowledge of lobster rolls. I have come to learn that most places chop up the meat to a point where it could be confused with other seafood, and then they drown it in mayonnaise. Not The Red Barn, first of all she asked me if I even wanted mayonnaise! I was so blown away by this gesture of not contaminating the lobster that I had to say I wanted just a little bit to help it stick to the roll.

Aunt Bev chose our table and we chatted for a few minutes, then they called our name. Lee brought it over to the table and everything was golden, and smelled so good. My lobster roll was full of tail, knuckle, and claw meat, all the tasty parts of the lobster. Lee then offered me some of his chicken. Oh my GOODNESS! I eat a lot of chicken, I mean A LOT. This was with out a doubt the BEST chicken I have had in a super long time. I swear they cooked it with euphoria because on the drive home, I was very happy and content, and wanted a nap.

Before I left I asked for the owner, Laura Benedict, to tell her that she had the best chicken ever. She greeted me with a warm welcoming smile, that I doubt she ever takes off, and a firm hand shake. She laughed as I told her about the chicken and how much I liked the place, as if to say, “Oh I know it’s an awesome place” .  I can not wait to go back!

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Find them at : 455 Riverside Dr  Augusta, ME 04330
Call them at: (207) 623-9485

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