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Published on February 2nd, 2013 | by Central Maine


Selah Tea

Tea house? Ohh like a Coffee House, where you go and enjoy many, MANY different kinds of teas. Selah Tea is located on main street in Waterville, and is one of those places that you find yourself at with not much thought as to why or how you ended up going there.

Most recently I found myself there with Lee after a long day of running around Waterville. We needed a nice quiet place to just sit back and enjoy a hot beverage. We have had coffee all day, so we needed something else instead, something like tea. I ordered a hot mango bubble tea. Over the summer I had enjoyed the iced bubbled teas, because of  the interesting “bubbles”. I found that I liked the hot bubble tea a little better because it melted the “bubbles”, but I will warn you readers to take caution when drinking the hot tea with the straw, the hottest part of any hot drink is at the bottom, so do be careful when drinking with a straw.

Selah TeaLee and I settled into chairs with a little table that supported our teas and whoopie pie. We just sat there and chatted causally about business and the weeks to come. Often times we just paused and looked out the window and watch the traffic go by and the street lights come on. I reflected on how often we found ourselves doing that very same thing at this very place. We have recently moved out of Waterville, but when we were there we could walk to Selah Tea and just take a break from the humdrum of our daily lives.

Now that we are not in town, we still find ourselves there when we spend an extended amount of time in Waterville. The staff is always pleasant and never pushy, which adds to the comfortable environment. They always have a huge selection of tea’s from hot to iced,  light lunch options, and always an interesting selection of bakery items. There have been times when we have ordered things from tiramisu to chocolate cake, to baguettes with goat cheese.

There is something new to try every time we go. Finding new adventures in comfortable places is what makes this a tried and true place. This is a place that is easily a meeting place, a solo date with yourself, or quite escape with close people. This Tea house doesn’t have that java infused aroma like the coffee houses do, instead it has an infused aroma that just says, “Hey, sit for a while.”

Located: 177 Main St  Waterville, ME 04901
Phone: (207) 660-9181

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