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Wilderness First Responder Re-Certification!

While eating a Clif Bar for breakfast, when a # caught my eye. #MeetTheMoment. Sounds so profound, especially because I come from an adventure background. It reminded me that I needed to make sure that I re-certify my wilderness first responder. I thought to myself, then out loud to Lee; ‘keeping it safe when #MeettheMoment ,  #centralmaingoesto SOLO Wilderness Medical School​’.

Wilderness First Responder is a medical course that teaches people how to address medical issues in the wilderness. Wilderness is defined as being away from definitive care, ambulances and hospitals, or being a quarter mile into the woods. This course teaches things from identifying anaphylaxis to splinting broken bones. This course is about how to keep yourself safer and how to help those in need get out of the woods to definitive care.

The school is located in Conway, New Hampshire. One of the most magical adventure destinations there is. As Lee drove me down for my class, I could see the White Mountains in the distance. That sight rekindled that burning flame of passion for adventure that I have neglected over the years.

I studied Adventure Therapy at Unity College, and had many adventures throughout their program, including a visit or two to the White Mountains. While in college, I sustained a few minor injuries that flared up enough to dissuade my pursuits in the outdoors as a full time career. I ended up on another career path entirely. But that passion for the outdoors, and the adventure from bracing the elements, that never dies.

This re-certification class meant that it was my second visit to the Wilderness School campus, which holds its own magic. Getting through the front door is a task. “Push the dragons nose”, they say in the email, well most think that the dragon is part of the handle. Well it is not. The door has an amazing intricate celtic design around it, and the dragon is in there. Good luck is what I will say, I’d rather not spoil the fun of finding out to open the door.

Once in side; there is an amazing open milieu that goes up three stories, with an indoor Totem Pole.

Three Story Totem Pole at Solo Wilderness Medical School

Other than resisting the urge to climb it, I can now help but to stand in awe.

I got to spend the weekend at the school; practicing emergency scenarios, splinting techniques, and updating my knowledge on wilderness care. I studied a bit, and paid attention in class, talking to the extremely knowledgable instructor and I PASSED! I was so excited! I get a little nervous when taking tests, but I only got one answer wrong out of 25! It just goes to show what the right learning environment can do for a person.

The  First responder book, then re-certification book, and SOLO's new Text book! Our author studying hard for the exam

Now I am ready to keep it safe while I #MeettheMoment

To learn more about SOLO Wilderness Medical School​, and the many classes they offer, check out their website:

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